Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sorry for our absence. We've run afoul of county regulations and hoping we can realign without tearing down the "cabin."  We tried to comply in 2010, paid the fee, got the inspection but the county guy said, "no go" so we abandoned our plans and for five years we thought all was OK to use the property recreationally a few times a year.  Unfortunately the new county guys say what we're doing ain't OK and it'll cost us another grand to find out what our options are.

The upside is, if we pass this time and get county approval, we can build another real cabin, not just a place to get out of the weather. The new place will have real heat and a bathroom, goodbye Thetford, no more packing that down the hill - works well, just less convenient - it would be nice to just a flush and forget it.

Interestingly we can park the trailer there and use it exactly like we are using the "cabin" now and all is good...

They are "just doing their job." I get it.  I want to and have tried to comply with rules. Sometimes my four years in the 3rd grade isn't enough education to grasp all the regulations.  Hopefully I'll get it right this time. I'm doing my best not to get droned for upsetting big brother.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Part 2 Wildfire 2015

A few video clips I took during the quieter moments during the fire.

It was a very interesting few weeks. Months later I still don't think I've processed it all. VERY hard to see neighbors' places burned. Met some great folks during the fire. The mettle in folks is in plain view during such times. People do what they are able/willing to do. Some do better than others.

Our valley even got some media attention.

Cabins and Wildfire

2015 - the year we'll remember the fire.

Smoke and fire up the hill from the cabin.

The forest above the cabin

Just up the hill

LOTS of destruction nearby

NOT having fun.

Always lots to do, evacuating a neighbor.

Hauling  fuel for the generators

It came close, there were three nights I was sure we'd lose it. We were blessed.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 2014

Looks like we have four Whitetail Does camping out nearby.
Piper had a tussle with a Coyote (again).  She wasn't hurt, just lost some fur and scared her some.  It looked and sounded worse than it was.  I had expected to need another trip to the Vet... 

Momma-Winkle is expecting!

Last year's model.  I hope the other one made it too. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Looking Back

This has been a challenging year on many levels for us.  The Yonderosa continues to be a blessing in our lives and a source of great happiness.  Taking some time to reflect and be grateful puts things back in the proper perspective.

They Grow Up so Fast

The Mooselets stopped by for some pictures.  They sure grow up fast.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Then it gets better...

After two days that didn't go as planned we got a handle on things and even had a little fun as well getting some things done.

I managed two excellent Mountain Bike rides and discovered some excellent double track that will require more exploration in the future.

Jambaloney might have enjoyed this ride and there is good fishing in the lake too.


I've never seen more bunnies than I have this year.  Snowshoe Hare actually.  At the higher elevations I'm seeing good numbers of Grouse.  I was able to ride up to a several deer including a group of five Mule Deer Does, none with fawns...  There are a few nice bucks out there too.

Future dinner guests?

How many years has it been?  Well I finally got the countertop on.  It'll take a while for the self edge to patina enough to match the existing cabinets... Still have some cabinets in my shop waiting for the trip over.  Hopefully that won't take as long.


I also started the siding on the shack.

The Almighty made his presence known

Chocadile vs. Bug

Wet Labs are happy Labs, even when it's in a redneck pool.

Hundreds of Critter pics, mostly of these.