Saturday, June 18, 2011

June escape

Though employment pressures abbreviated this much needed escape, we are very glad to have been able to escape to the Yonderosa for a few short days.

 Things had definitely greened up since our last visit.
Amelanchier alnifolia
 This was also our first trip of the year over the late(st) opening of the North Cascades Highway.  The extra snow has all of the rivers flowing as high as I've ever seen.  The locals say this is the worst flooding they've experienced since the mid 1990's.

Nature was putting on quite a show - flowers everywhere.

The weather was very mixed.  Beautiful sunshine, heavy rain and hail, to gray overcast.  The low temperature we saw was 38*F and the High was 76*F - very comfortable.

One needed to be very careful where he steps as there are many brand new babies in the forest.  The deer were plentiful and it appears there is a good crop of fawns again.