Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sorry for our absence. We've run afoul of county regulations and hoping we can realign without tearing down the "cabin."  We tried to comply in 2010, paid the fee, got the inspection but the county guy said, "no go" so we abandoned our plans and for five years we thought all was OK to use the property recreationally a few times a year.  Unfortunately the new county guys say what we're doing ain't OK and it'll cost us another grand to find out what our options are.

The upside is, if we pass this time and get county approval, we can build another real cabin, not just a place to get out of the weather. The new place will have real heat and a bathroom, goodbye Thetford, no more packing that down the hill - works well, just less convenient - it would be nice to just a flush and forget it.

Interestingly we can park the trailer there and use it exactly like we are using the "cabin" now and all is good...

They are "just doing their job." I get it.  I want to and have tried to comply with rules. Sometimes my four years in the 3rd grade isn't enough education to grasp all the regulations.  Hopefully I'll get it right this time. I'm doing my best not to get droned for upsetting big brother.