Sunday, December 1, 2013

Looking Back

This has been a challenging year on many levels for us.  The Yonderosa continues to be a blessing in our lives and a source of great happiness.  Taking some time to reflect and be grateful puts things back in the proper perspective.

They Grow Up so Fast

The Mooselets stopped by for some pictures.  They sure grow up fast.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Then it gets better...

After two days that didn't go as planned we got a handle on things and even had a little fun as well getting some things done.

I managed two excellent Mountain Bike rides and discovered some excellent double track that will require more exploration in the future.

Jambaloney might have enjoyed this ride and there is good fishing in the lake too.


I've never seen more bunnies than I have this year.  Snowshoe Hare actually.  At the higher elevations I'm seeing good numbers of Grouse.  I was able to ride up to a several deer including a group of five Mule Deer Does, none with fawns...  There are a few nice bucks out there too.

Future dinner guests?

How many years has it been?  Well I finally got the countertop on.  It'll take a while for the self edge to patina enough to match the existing cabinets... Still have some cabinets in my shop waiting for the trip over.  Hopefully that won't take as long.


I also started the siding on the shack.

The Almighty made his presence known

Chocadile vs. Bug

Wet Labs are happy Labs, even when it's in a redneck pool.

Hundreds of Critter pics, mostly of these.

Too much drama

Our last trip started with a bit more drama than we are accustomed.  First, we had car issues on the way over.  These were unexpected as we had just gotten our car back from the Subaru dealer...  What the heck?

Next the fire at the end of our valley was a lot bigger than we expected.

Still mopping up after more than a week

Confused Mule Deer - What happened to lunch?

Patches of Moonscape

The next day Jase creased her forehead on my axe.  She was not phased by it but I ran her into town to the vet and she shaved scrubbed and glued the wound shut.  Unfortunately it didn't hold long on this rambunctious pup...  She's got another appointment tomorrow.

There's a beauty mark for ya...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shacking Up

The Boss said my stuff is cluttering up her Cabin so I needed to build us a shack... 






Now she gets her loft back...

 The view from the loft.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Baby Moose(s)

I was delighted to see a brand new pair of baby mooses on one of the game cameras last week!

We also had a few other visitors.

This dude is really chubby for this time of year.  Based on scat I'm guessing he might be eating fawns...  

These guys were very busy while we were there.  At least two packs.  Very vocal and active day and night.

Saw this dude a couple of times and two younger Bucks using the meadow

Wednesday, May 22, 2013