Thursday, July 15, 2010

July at the Outpost

The record June rains maintained the lush green.  We arrived during the first warm spell of the year, the temperature reaching 92*F at the Outpost.  The coldest night it dipped down to 40*F.

Our goal for the trip was to have some fun, relax and tie up some loose ends.  The first few days we spent visiting local friends and seeing how their places were coming along.

 A few odds and ends and some touch up and the exterior will be done!!!

The Yellow Dog demonstrates how to properly take it easy - sleep with your nose in the bowl.

I did my share of putting my feet up too.
The Mule and Whitetail Deer fawns are getting more ambulatory.  Last month you had to watch where you step or risk tripping over them.  The numbers of does with fawns seems to be down, perhaps it is due to the healthy Bear population we have.  Good luck little dude.