Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yonderosa Spring

The arrival of Spring at the Yonderosa is always welcome, especially when it is as late as it was this year.  The first blooms, the bird songs and Bears announce the end of Winter.

Black Bear track
Piper and I had some excitement on one of our morning walks when she caught wind of a Bear in the bushes.  She alerted me and then hid behind me..  barking her support.  The Bear didn't seem too interested in us, rather more interested in whatever it was eating.  He was good size,  looked healthy, especially for this time of year and I assume he because I saw no sign of cubs.  I didn't manage to get any good pictures, the best being a muddy track... bummer.

There were plenty of Deer, both Mule and Whitetail.  Lots of Moose sign too.

Piper wasn't sure what to think about all the big critters wandering around the yard.

Piper is turning out to be a great trail dog.

Lots of wild strawberry blooms.  Hopefully that means lots of strawberries!

The weather was mostly rainy.  We had one night of frost.  The surrounding peaks were dusted with snow.  Kirby Creek was flowing higher than we've ever seen it. The cabin stayed nice and warm all night without using the heat.  We ate well.  Relaxed.  Can't wait to get back!