Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can't wait to get back!

Fall is my favorite time to be at the Yonderosa.  It's hard to believe this journey is already four years along.  There is plenty yet to do.  Progress has been suspended but we're adjusting to this new economy and its challenges.

LOTS of these guys on the critter cams this month

The "table" was added a few months back.  In its original configuration it had legs, a foot rest and drawers.  As is often the case, simple is best and most functional.

A 16" Douglas Fir plank I bought from the sawyer.  Sanded just enough to remove the splinters and then champfered the edge.  Simple, rustic and useful.  The perfect place to enjoy a beverage and a view.

On the way home this little guy walked out of the bushes twenty yards ahead of us.  Eventually I got the pups settled down and got a picture.  About that time I realized his mommy might be close by too (based on the size of the scat in the parking lot) and chose to retreat rather than take more pictures.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Neighbor

This female was collared not far from the Yonderosa.  She weighed in 104 pounds.  It is believed that she belongs to a pack to the east of us.

I hope the baby Moose are doing OK