Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fire Pictures

On July 27th a lightning struck trees near the cabin, smoldered overnight and blew into flame the next day. The first four pictures were sent by neighbor DP and the last by neighbor ST.

The Trees to the far left were the ones hit.

I bet that was quite a thunderclap to go along with the lightning. I guess mother nature needed to remind me as to who is in charge of this project. If she happens to read this blog I just want to say, "Message received!"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lightning and Fire update

Just got word that it was our place that lightning struck and caught fire. Many thanks to Bob and crew for getting it out.

When there's Lightning

Got word that there was a fire up our way, perhaps even on our place. YIKES!

"Two trees were struck by lightning and smoldered all night. In the morning when things dried out a bit and it got warmer, it took off. A couple who live miles away on a hill saw smoke, called me and asked me to check it out. They have a great view of the valley and are responsable for spotting quite a number of fires. It was a small fire, but had the potential to take out quite a bit of property. As it was, the fire came to within about 50 feet of the cabin."

Another neighbor said he'd drive up and take a look.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The "Work" part of our trip

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Insulated the Loft Floor
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Then added The Pine Soffit
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Cut in new Window
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New Window Added
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Insulated and Sheathed. The sheathing will be covered with finish materials - T&G Pine on the lid, Doug Fir Base, Case, Wainscot and Panels.
More insulation - Un-Fun
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The interior loft soffit
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More Siding
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A look into the loft
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Exterior View of the New Window
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The color scheme

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July Visit

We just got back from our July visit - 9 wonderful days. We did get some work done. I'll share a few pictures of my helpers and post more when I get them uploaded.
Nothing beats a good mid-day nap!
Except a Milkshake on a hot day!!!
And then another nap in the dirt!
Labradors and Ducks...
The mother brought the ducklings right up to shore where the dogs were swimming. I'm not sure she understands that she's not in a Disney movie - there are some critters ducks should avoid. An Eagle has been nabbing one of the ducklings every day - it looks like there is less than a week's worth left. I don't think she'll win 'mother of the year' for 2009...

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Mooses

A neighbor up the road a piece spotted a Cow Moose with two calves and got some pictures.

Where's momma?
Oh, there she is.

A Year Ago

Across the Meadow - July 2008

It was a year ago this month we submitted our plans for the building permit. The county was helpful, guiding us through the hoops and taking our money. They approved the permit quickly and it wasn't long after that we started construction.

Thus far the experience has been a good one. Our structure is weather-tight and greatly improves the comfort and usefulness of the property. There is still plenty yet to accomplish and it is our hope that this month we'll make more progress.

July is a good month for wildflowers and berries. It was the month last year that the Cougar showed up and began thinning out the herd - killing at least three Deer on the property. The grass was still mostly green and the weather warm. The local free range cattle should start showing up too - they can be a nuisance but do a good job with the mowing and fertilizing.