Sunday, July 19, 2009

July Visit

We just got back from our July visit - 9 wonderful days. We did get some work done. I'll share a few pictures of my helpers and post more when I get them uploaded.
Nothing beats a good mid-day nap!
Except a Milkshake on a hot day!!!
And then another nap in the dirt!
Labradors and Ducks...
The mother brought the ducklings right up to shore where the dogs were swimming. I'm not sure she understands that she's not in a Disney movie - there are some critters ducks should avoid. An Eagle has been nabbing one of the ducklings every day - it looks like there is less than a week's worth left. I don't think she'll win 'mother of the year' for 2009...


  1. oh my! The poor duck...she needs to stay away from the water - with dogs and eagles around, your right, her babies are doomed. Looks like the dogs are having fun!! nothing bring out a good nap like running and swimming! Looking forward to your pictures and updates on the house...debbie

  2. Well, I hope a couple of the chicks survive. Nice post, and fun photos.