Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Neighbor

This female was collared not far from the Yonderosa.  She weighed in 104 pounds.  It is believed that she belongs to a pack to the east of us.

I hope the baby Moose are doing OK


  1. 104 lbs! wow! Big healthy girl! I hope the baby moose are ok too! good hearing from you! Missed you! Is it getting cold up at the Yonderosa yet?...debbie

  2. Lucky you! A new star for your trail cam video!! Very cool!

  3. Wolves would be nice, moose would be nicer. At least they're edible!

    BTW, I hope you'll consider getting rid of word verification. They're making it increasingly difficult for my old eyes to see.

  4. Gorges: I've changed the settings. Let me know if this works better.