Thursday, August 15, 2013

Too much drama

Our last trip started with a bit more drama than we are accustomed.  First, we had car issues on the way over.  These were unexpected as we had just gotten our car back from the Subaru dealer...  What the heck?

Next the fire at the end of our valley was a lot bigger than we expected.

Still mopping up after more than a week

Confused Mule Deer - What happened to lunch?

Patches of Moonscape

The next day Jase creased her forehead on my axe.  She was not phased by it but I ran her into town to the vet and she shaved scrubbed and glued the wound shut.  Unfortunately it didn't hold long on this rambunctious pup...  She's got another appointment tomorrow.

There's a beauty mark for ya...

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  1. I assume your cabin escaped, or you would have said something.