Monday, April 27, 2009

Signs of Spring

Three weeks ago there was still 10" of snow on the ground. Now that it has melted I was able to haul some more materials in and do a little work.

I picked up three of the windows I had ordered in a nearby town. I only had time to install the loft window. The next trip I'll get the big XOX window installed, the kitchen window, the soffits (T&G pine) and hopefully at least a good start on the siding. The siding will be 1x8 Spruce bevel on up to the soffit and Cedar Shingles on the gable ends.

The rail was installed for the inspection to meet safety code (railings required for decks 30" or higher). My plan it is to wrap the posts and re-install the rail as well as add the railing to the other side. The main entry will be centered from the front with a small landing and stairs. Plenty left to do but it felt good to make a small dent in the to-do list.

The abundant beauty and wildlife frequently distracted me. My point and shoot camera failed to capture many of the subjects of my curiosity and awe but there were a few interesting shots.
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Moose Track - size 10 boot for scale.

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One of two little Whitetail Bucks that frequented the Yonderosa Meadow.


  1. Nice to hear about your progress! And I've always wanted to see a Moose - hope you can capture future photos of one!

  2. The little window up top looks good! Hope you will be back soon. Good to see all that snow gone...debbie

  3. I'll do my best to get a picture of the Moose this year. Maybe have to hire MontanaGirl to do the photos. Last year there was a Cow and a Calf that frequented the property. This year it looks like a good sized bull. I haven't gotten a clear look at him though. I'd like to find his sheds.

    The next trip should yield more picture worthy progress. The last trip was primarily to accomplish the code and county requirements and get the materials shuttled up there and do a little Turkey hunting.

    Like always, I can't wait to get back.

  4. Cabin is looking pretty cozy already. That's a BIG track...wonder what size the moose is?

  5. Moose track? I was admiring the boot!!
    We were in northwest Washington all last week and had the opportunity to travel over both Stevens and Snoqualmie passes. Lots of snow up there - hope it will help with the fire season ahead. Your place is really looking good. Hope you see that moose soon!