Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Visit

We managed to escape and enjoy a weekend at the Yonderosa. Not a lot to report other than nice weather and relaxation. Here are a few pictures of some of the highlights.

These guys are everywhere on the Yonderosa. Very bold and love to torment Yarrow.
Yarrow the Huntress - The chipmunk would tease her relentlessly. It was very entertaining.

Good Eats are par for the course. This is NOT the place to go if you want to lose weight...

The weekend was not completely without accomplishment- I did manage to insulate and sheath
the underfloor.
Sheathed and critter proof - I hope...
Mountain Chickadees are a common sight during our forest walks.


  1. Looks like you're making progress - and welcome back. Love the Chickadee photo!

  2. Glad you were able to go up again. We are going to our Mountain house this weekend to celebrate our Happy 38th Anniversary. No big plans...just hang out and enjoy like you two did. Yarrow looks like she was having fun trying to catch the silly critter. Under the house looks Great!! Bet that wasn't an easy job!...debbie

  3. Hi Mo!
    Welcome to "Lisa Allender Writes" and thank you for your comments at my recent post on dogs and their intelligence!
    I commented at a great blogger's blog, "Selma in the City"--she lives in Australia, wants to see a chipmunk. It was great synchronicity to click on here, and have the first post I see from you, have a cute chipmunk in the first photo!
    I've been trying for weeks to catch a photo of one for her!
    I just commented at her blog(it happend to be her "2nd Aniversary of her blog", too. So great timing!). You may have her visiting to see your chipmunk, soon!
    Continued success, with what looks like a real(re)treat of a home, and with your(lovely) blog!
    I'll "follow" your blog.

  4. One question. The plywood under the house...is that something that is usually done or was it your own idea? I ask because we live in a double wide and I went under when they moved it in and put hardware cloth underneath to keep critters from entering the house. That was 16 years ago and it's worked beautifully. Everyone that saw me doing it thought I was nuts but now wish they had done the same thing.

  5. Susan, I'm not sure how common installing some kind of barrier is. Like you I didn't care to invite any extra company. Hopefully the plywood will discourage them from taking up residence. Now I need to come up with a solutin for the cows - they seem to think the corners are dandy scratching posts.