Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Teaser

Our neighbors emailed me a picture they took last weekend.  We've had a spell of warm weather and much of the snow is gone.  Great to get a peek but is sure makes me want to get back. 


  1. Yes, it looks lonley sitting there by itself. No owners and pups roaming about. I feel the same way. Our kids went up to the cabin Sunday and are coming back today. I'd love to be up there. I'm way past due....debbie

  2. I like the photo, but it leaves me with a feeling of isolation. Good shot!

  3. Good observations ladies. I miss being able to get over there on a whim. Now I have to check pass conditions, extended weather forecast and pack winter gear.

    The picture makes me want to get back to work on the siding, finish the deck rail, add the front stair...

    When I'm there I like the solitude. My favorite memories of 2009 are the moments spent there working, relaxing, eating, exploring, discovering... Leaving is hard and always a little sad. Time goes by too fast there. Though life is more deliberate without modern conveniences, I don't miss them... My heart is happiest when I'm there.

  4. Yes, that sure isn't the amount of snow you should have there right now. We had snow here today deeper than that. We don't know how our cabin is doing. You can only get there on snowshoes this time of year and it takes hours. Like you, we are anxious to get back to it and see what has been going on. Just wish our place was as nice and new as yours is! Seems that we have to chink more between the logs every year.