Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Long overdue update

Sometimes life's pace challenges my ability to keep up.  I've been plenty busy, unfortunately not with my favorite endeavor, the Yonderosa.

My Grandmother is doing as well as can be expected.  She has not been able to return home but her ability to recover can never be underestimated.  She has exceeded my expectations and seems determined to improve, working hard on everything from physical therapy to eating.

On another unrelated note,  Spring is wakening here at our residence.  The leaves are breaking, the Indian Plum has bloomed and the Red Flowing Currant is putting on a spectacular display.  My favorite sign of Spring is the Whales.  We have resident Orca and Gray Whales but every year about this time the migratory Gray Whales show up in mass.  We had at least five down at our beach yesterday.  I tried to get some pictures as they come close into shore while feeding on shrimp.  Magnificent creatures.


  1. Great photos of the Whales! I tried to capture photo of whales in Hawaii, but like you said, they are hard to get. I think these are great!! Blooming trees already wow! My pear tree is getting ready to flower and the Red Bud is about 3 weeks away from flowering. I do have daffodils!Don't forget to root for West Virginia in the Final Four Saturday!! We play Duke. Good to hear from you, was wondering where you were...Happy Spring - Happy Easter!!...debbie

  2. Good to hear from you. Glad your grandmother is improving. I've seen those whales myself. My daughter sent us on a whale watching trip on our visit to see her in Anacortes. It really is spectacular to see, and difficult to photograph.

  3. Welcome back! I have missed your posts. I'm glad to hear "Grandma" is improving. Strokes can be devastating. Spring is almost here!

  4. Your Yonderosa must be getting fresh snow with the cooler weather - safely tucked in with a blanket of white by Mom Nature until you can return there.

    Your grandmother is certainly an amazing lady and I hope she continues to improve. Your tribute to her in your last post is so touching.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful whale photos. I can literally smell the air there - you are a very lucky guy!!

  5. It is good to hear from you again. I am happy to hear about your Gramdma's rehabilitation going so well. It is in her to get better.

    Thank you for sharing the nice photo's. I hope ya'll can get back to the Yonderosa soon enough to see the Spring in bloom. ~Jen