Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn at the Yonderosa

The view from a nearby mountainside.  The Larch are getting ready to put on a show.
Wild Woods' Rose - Rosa woodsii
The views make it tough to get any hiking in.
Beauty, near and far, captures my eyes.
We are looking forward to adding another member to the Kirby Creek Outfit.  More on that later.


  1. OOOOH! a puppy!! Lucky you. I just lost my dear Lincoln October 1 to cancer and am missing him so much. He was an Australian Shepherd. The sight of those puppies are just adorable. Makes me want one....or are you two pregnant?? That would be even better! The photos are so pretty. I am amazed there is so much green still on those high mountains. Was just wondering about you the other day thinking we hadn't heard from you. ( i love the wild wood rose photo) ...debbie

  2. Hey welcome back! It's been awhile. Miss your posts and the scenery you see. Your photos are really nice today. The puppies are pretty cute - is it one of those you're adding to your family? Or as Debbie asked, are you two pregnant?

  3. Good to see you Mo. Things look great at the Yonderosa. Those are some great nature pics and thank you for sharing your part of the world. The puppies are really cute! Now I want one. ~Jen

  4. Thanks for stopping by everyone. Just to clarify, NO kidlets on the way unless you count puppers. Introductions will follow soon. Still need to come up with a name.

  5. THANK YOU for posting!

    common cents

  6. First and last pics are my favorites in this bunch!

  7. What sweet lil chocodiles! ;)