Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here's a long overdue update.  All I can say is the residents of the Yonderosa have been busy.

This camera was set just 110 yards from the Cabin.  I think it's a good spot.  Might have to move the others into this area too.

Aren't baby Mooses the best?


  1. Trail cams can be fun! (Can't say the same for word verification!)

  2. Mo!! Soo good to hear from you and the camera shots are fantastic!! My goodness, that stream is a very busy place. It's always nice to know who your neighbors are!! Yes, the baby moose are adorable. Hope all is well with you, your wife and pooches!! ...debbie

  3. Oh, Mo, what truly great photos you got! We are thinking of putting up a camera at the cabin this year. Although I am not sure I really want to know about the movements of the bears and cougar!

    We have family looking to buy land north - they have been looking around Pateros to Omak so far.

  4. There are some good deals out there. I'd consider going a bit further north too, prices get even better and there are some properties that have tempted me. If you let me know what you're after I'll keep an eye out.

  5. Wonderful pictures. Our neighbor has set up a camera on his hunting land and gotten pics of a mountain lion.
    Baby moose are very cute. That bear isn't bad either. :)