Monday, October 1, 2012


It is with great sorrow that I am reporting the death of Kirby, our beloved family member and loyal dog to the end.  It was difficult but less difficult than watching her suffer.  14-1/2 wonderful years.  It goes by way too fast.

Founding member of the Kirby Creek Outfit.  Loved family member.  Most bestest Dog ever.  Never tangled with snakes, skunks or porcupines.  Loved to be wet.  Enthusiastic eater and retriever.  Bed hog.  Constantly wagging tail.  If the Lord needs a new Angel, Kirby is well qualified.


  1. Every dog-lover can feel your loss, but nothing can ease your loss but time.

    1. that was a beautiful thing to say, Mr. Smythe.

  2. Please accept my sympathy.

  3. Oh, Mo, we are so very sorry for your loss. Your dear Kirby sounds like she was quite the girl. Her longevity is surely a testament to your wonderful care through the years.

  4. Ah, that is sad. So hard to let such a good friend go...

  5. Oh Mo, I'm so sorry. It is so hard to lose your tail wagging family member. It's never easy. Sounds like she lived a great life. My sympathy to you and your family. My God Bless You Kirby while you trot over the rainbow bridge....debbie

  6. Mo - my deepest and sincerest sympathies to you and your family. it is so difficult to lose a family member and she was obviously well-loved.

    what about the other dog in the pictures? do you still have that dog? if so, that dog is probably grieving as well. do you plan on getting another dog?

    again...i am so sorry for your loss. your friend,

  7. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and prayers. Deb and I find comfort in them.

    Kymber- We do have two others. Yarrow is 15 and still pretty healthy. Always the alpha bitch - literally and figuratively, meant in the most positive way - she's the boss. Piper is 2 and a delight with at least one good hard laugh worthy antic every day.

    The vet recommended the other dogs see her so they wouldn't go looking. We brought her home afterwards with a stop at her favorite beach. We got her a stick and sprinkled some water on her - she loved to be wet. At home we prepared a place, which was therapeutic and buried her after telling her one more time how much we love her.

    Our "pack" feels a lot smaller. The void she leaves behind is huge. She had my "puppy whipped" from day one... they all do. Kirby enjoyed mountain biking, camping, fishing, canoeing, hiking, fetching and was a great companion afield for more than a decade. I feel very Blessed to have shared this life with her though the sting in my heart is sharp right now.

  8. hey mo..

    really sorry buddy - your vet sounds like they know what they are doing, bringing her home seems to have been a good move for all.

    she looks like a really gentle soul and she probably has her wings already.

    all my best to your pack.

  9. Mo - oh such a good thing that Yarrow still has Piper. they are both probably grieving as much as you and Deb. i am glad that they have each other and, you both, to get them through this and i am glad that you and Deb have them. i am so glad that the vet recommended that you let the other dogs see her...and how lovely that you stopped at her beach and then gave her a proper goodbye. ugh. i can barely type for the tears in my eyes.

    i truly sympathize with the sting in your hearts right now. thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such wonderful care of what sounds like a very beautiful soul. she had a fantastic life...and that is a wonderful thing to remember.

    you, Deb, Yarrow and Piper are in my thoughts and prayers. your friend,

  10. Jamb and Kymber. Thanks so much for your kind words. They brought tears but sweet tears.

    An interesting thing happened on our walk this afternoon. Yarrow and Kirby used to have the habit of waiting at the fork in the trail that goes down to the beach. When their bodies got old they just would walk by. Today Yarrow stopped and stood where she used to, asking to go to the beach. I could just imagine Kirby in her spot... perhaps she was, invisible to us but not to Yarrow. It was both strange and uplifting. Something I had not seen in years.

    Her body may be gone but her spirit is alive in all of us. She touched many hearts.

    Thank you again for your kindness and understanding. It has been a comfort in a very difficult time.

  11. Mo - i think that, like you, Yarrow was doing something? i am not sure what but it was definitely something? i am so glad that Kirby had such a good life....and that Yarrow still has Piper.

    we recently had a little baby stray kitten show up at our house...both of our boys are getting up there in age and both of them accepted this little stray kitten into our homes. we call him "shadow" because he always shadows his brothers - like he is always in one of their faces and neither of our older cats seem to mind??? i couldn't help but think that if one of our little men go - they will still have little shadow and will not be alone.

    i can't say again how happy i am that Yarrow has Piper...and i am so glad that you and Deb have both of them. these are going to be some difficult days...there will of course be pain and sadness. but, as jambaloney said - we all know where Kirby is. and we know that she is safe, healthy, happy and wants you all to be the same.

    i wish to thank you again for taking care of such a beautiful guys did well, Mo. you did a very good job. we were tasked with being good stewards by God...good stewards of the land and all of the animals. you and Deb did a wonderful job as stewards of Kirby.

    there is no need to reply. i just wanted you to know that i keep checking this post because i know how hard it is to lose a family member. the sting will subside...but it will take time. just rest assured that she had such a wonderful life. rest assured, my friend. and get peace from that.

    your friend,

  12. Truly sorry. I have felt the pain of having a great dog pass. Their lives are short but we were so blessed to have them.


  13. Sorry about your dog.I know it hurts to lose a pet that you are so close too.

  14. Thanks again to everyone. Your words have comforted us. We miss Kirby terribly but we know that 14.5 years is a good run for a pupper. She lives on in our hearts and the many hearts she touched. She was a good one.

    Interestingly or coincidentally or both the Breed of Piper, our youngest, let us know he has another litter available in a few weeks. We know both the parents, excellent dogs, VERY well socialized with the passel of kids and other dogs they are raised with. We will be taking a look...

  15. Sorry, I caught this post so late, Mo. My deep sympathies on Kirby's passing. Those deep brown soulful eyes -- wow. However, she has passed into Eternity and now awaits her family one day, right?! She'll be there wagging her tail to welcome each of you one day. That's how I like to think about it. Like my dad was quite the woodsman in his last days. I can so see him waiting there to "escort" us all around the great places he has since scouted out and can't wait to show us. Your Oct 16th comment sounds promising! God Bless!

    Mary Ann

  16. I loved and love Kirbinshire. She will be greatly missed.

    Love you Mo.