Monday, May 20, 2013

Moose Babies Only Bigger

I was pleased to discover Moose sign and tracks near my Game Cameras and even more pleased to see that last year's babies both made it through Winter and it appears Momma is getting ready to have more.

Not the greatest picture we got but it does show the three together.

We also saw three Mule Deer Does, all pregnant and five Whitetail Deer Does, two of which have babies on the way, the others all look like yearlings.  They spent a good many hours in the meadow feeding and cavorting - I was not always sure it was in fun though - lots of chasing and even some rearing up and kicking.  Interesting.


  1. It may not be magazine worthy, but the picture tells you everything you need to know. Wonderful !

  2. That is great. How cool is it to have moose in the neighborhood. Since I have installed a trail camera in the yard at our camp we have discovered all kinds of visitors that we didn`t know about. And we have also discovered several people walking around our place when we are not there...caught on camera.

  3. Amazing that you got footage of them. Such a cool peice of land you have there.