Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Next Step

To make our visits more convenient and comfortable we decided to purchase a travel trailer. I was not initially happy with the purchase though I changed my mind once we started using it. Sleeping was more comfortable, cooking more convenient, and the wife happier...

Longer stays are easier with the trailer. One could stay 'home' while the other fetched supplies or went fishing. It is also easier to entertain guests. The small size of the trailer meant the eating quarters doubled as sleeping quarters - the conversion became ritual each morning before breakfast and in the evening prior to lights out.

The penalty for convenience and comfort is that the surroundings are veiled. That sensory deprivation sparked a desire to find a compromise - a remedy that balances comfort without being insulated by our surroundings... Yet another dream germinates in the fertile soils of this land.


  1. Was the trailer new or did you find a good used bargain? Curious in Texas.


  2. The trailer was purchased used. We'll see how good a bargain it was when I sell it... ;^)

  3. Who makes that trailer and what's the model name. I have been looking for something that size and it looks real interesting.