Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Room With A View

We knew one day we would build a cabin on this property. The shortcomings of the travel trailer motivated us to spur this dream into action sooner than we anticipated.

Time was our biggest limitation. Consideration had to be given to travel, the logistics of getting materials, acquiring permits and getting inspections. Being remote the need to utilize commonly available, standard sized materials that could be easily shuttled to the site and handled would be a priority.

The climate also factored into the design. The Yonderosa is situated at 3500' - deep snow and -30 degree temperatures are possible. Summer temperatures can top 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

We didn't want to restrict future building and we wanted a view. With a number of viable sites the choice was not easy. We chose the south edge of the meadow with a good view of our favorite nearby mountain.

-A simple straight gable roof design was chosen for ease of construction, practicality and cost effectiveness. The roof is steep enough to shed snow, and is easily vented which will help during the heat of summer.

-12' x 16' main floor efficiently utilizes materials and is of sufficient size for a variety of uses and configurations. A large view window invites the natural beauty inside.

-8'x 12' Covered Porch will extend the living space and enjoyment of the structure - providing shade and weather coverage.

-The 12' x 12' loft will provide storage space for gear and supplies without cluttering the main living area. A north facing window will add light and cross ventilation.

I drafted and submitted the plans in July and they were approved within the week!


  1. Were these dimensions from the plans or did you chose this size because it fit your generally space needs or that it fit your budget better. Not familiar with lumber prices in your area but are probably just as expensive as it is around here. Thanks.


  2. I drew the plans to maximize efficiency of the materials - multiples of four so very little cutting of plywood would be required. When cutting was required, the off-cut could be used in another location. The off-cuts only filled two wheel barrows - minimal waste.

    I also considered the size of the materials since there were times I would be working alone.

    The size was a compromise - small enough to be built quickly, large enough to be useful.

    In the future a larger building (Cabin or Carriage House) will be constructed and this will be converted to an "accessory" building.