Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ready, Get Set, GO!

My truck is excellent for shuttling materials and supplies to the Yonderosa but is less comfortable for our two puppers on our long drive there and back - they much prefer the Subaru. To make life better for the "kids" we decided to invest in a trailer. The trailer will allow us to bring the items that can't be stowed inside a vehicle, like bulk propane, generator, etc. It will also allow us to haul our cabinets, appliances and even a Quad (not all at once) without having to use the truck.

The main reason for us choosing this trailer is that it folds up making storage very easy.

It just arrived but my initial impression is very favorable. The quality is among the best of the trailers we looked at. Folding and unfolding the trailer is easy. It has more than enough usable space for a majority of our needs.

The one downside, in my book anyway, is that it is made in China... The guy at Costco said it was made in Utah but the packaging made it very clear that it was in fact made overseas.

We will be using it on our next visit. I will report how it goes.

In an unrelated matter my wife and I have been debating the colors we will use on the Cabin. After a number of experiments we think we have come to an agreement. We will further test on our next visit. I am optimistic.


  1. Pretty cool little trailer. Looks very handy. Good luck the the color-choosing.

  2. We have looked at that trailer in the past. We will be watching for your report to hear what you think of it.

  3. I have never seen a little trailer like that!!
    Just becareful driving - cant go too fast, the least little bump may make it jump. Aaaah, the color choosing. Something earthy would be my choice. If not earthy, then go whole hog and make it red with white trim! lol...debbie