Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 2009 - visit

Anytime at the Yonderosa is a blessing, even a short visit. We arrived Friday night and we were greeted by a thunderstorm complete with HEAVY rain, and lightning strikes all around us. It delayed our unpacking but the show was quite spectacular from the shelter of the porch.

Moose visit - Repost, see previous entry

The nearby State Land is being logged. The Forester I spoke with said they are almost giving the logs away. Because of mill closures these logs had to be hauled to mill over 3 hours away.

Over Memorial day weekend a visitor left a campfire burning that ignited several spots on the 20 acre parcel NEXT to us! WAY too close for comfort!

The wild strawberries were just starting to get ripe. Pea sized but SWEET!

The Temperatures reached the mid to upper 80's so Kirby found a way to stay cool.

Yarrow prefers napping in the new Shower/Kybo room...

Finally photographic evidence that Bigfoot exists. See him up there on the mountainside right next to the tree?

Happy Labs are wet Labs.


  1. The wild strawberries look very tempting. Great series of photos. Love the one of your dog in the water.

  2. Lovely scenery!! Such pretty little strawberries. We have them growing around our house. I've been afraid to eat them. Are they ok to eat? guess so if you know their sweet...duh debbie...Dogs look happy as clams!What is a Kybo? a potty? Guess that might be your first addition huh? a bathroom. lol...debbie

  3. So many beautiful photos - your neck of the woods is just gorgeous! Had to laugh at Kirby - smart idea to stay cool!

  4. Very pretty photos! Yarrow looked happy in the shower house.. shes such a princess! I want to visit your place, how close is it to my moms and dads?

  5. Kelli,
    It's closer than your folks' place. You're always welcome there (and here).