Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Of Moose and Men

Just got back from the Yonderosa. As usual, too tired to post much now but want to share a few teasers to get you to come back for another visit.

So there we are sitting on the porch, enjoying a glass of wine, talking about how good life is when "Hello there.... we have a Moose." says my lovely wife.

I grab the camera I have at the ready for just such an occasion - I really wish I had Mona level skills for this encounter - and I fire off a shot through the rail hoping to capture a picture of the Moose.

The Moose was good enough to stand there for a while and allow me a few more shots. Had I been less bumbling and more patient he might have ambled right up to the cabin for a proper portrait...

Our neighbors thought he bore a striking resemblance to another moose they knew named Gus and perhaps he was Gus Jr. Whoever he is we're glad "Guswinkle" visited the Yonderosa and posed for a few pictures.


  1. Wow! Look how GREEN everything is now!! Perhaps your lovely wife will get you a new camera for Christmas. (hint,hint) Actually the pictures are pretty good. We can tell you have a nice looking moose there! The sitting with a glass of wine sounded good. Must have had a cooler full!! Allll~riiiiiight!!!...debbie

  2. You are tooo funny. If I'm the Mona you were referring to, thank you for the complement! A lot of my shots are quite accidental, but thank you anyway. You have a nice series there!

  3. Montanagirl, you are the Mona I was referring to. Your photos are the best.

  4. Guswinkle! haha! You give the strangest names to creatures you know. hahaha.

    I can see it now, just the way deb says.. hello there moose... lol.

    Love u guys!

    Great posts mo! very entertaining!