Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Moon

Woke up to this view yesterday

The moon setting over the Cascades

The Sunrise - Red sky in the morning.
It did get overcast but ended up being a nice day.

Telephoto of the morning Moonset.

The Larch is a little past peak color but still quite beautiful.  The photo does little justice to the actual beauty.  I enjoyed watching it sink behind the mountains.


  1. That moon shot is mesmerizing....Great shot!

  2. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. ~jen

  3. Such beautiful photos and such a beautiful place to have your Yonderosa!! You lucky man you!! When do you go up again? When does it start to snow up there?...debbie

  4. Debbie, There was about 4" of snow there last week. It was mostly gone by the time I made it over. I did encounter a snow on the drive back. I'll post those pictures later.