Friday, November 13, 2009

Weather Delay

The DOT cam at Stevens Pass this morning.  The Weather channel say snow for the next couple of days...
Looks like we'll be postponing our next trip to the Yonderosa.


  1. Sorry the snow is keeping you away from your favorite place. All the work you have done there sure looks great.

    We have had snow off and on here the last couple of days. Kind of skipped fall and went right into winter.

  2. Sorry you couldn't make it-but it sure is pretty.

  3. I wouldn't like to drive on that road!

  4. What a beautiful picture. I too am sorry that ya'll cant make it to your place. There have been days that we are still seeing temperatures in the 80's. ~jen

  5. hi mo....

    thanks for following along with my blog. my hubby, aka the human backhoe, and i are soooo impressed with your workmanship. we love what you are doing. the cabinet work is absolutely stunning.

    our home was hand built for the most part almost 20 years ago by the shop teacher at our local high is funny to run into people in our new town that all seemed to have helped build our log home...i love that about our house. it is funny to hear someone say "i put that big beam in, in the kitchen". it's amazing to me that they can remember that far back.

    where your log cabin also absolutely stunning...i am sooo jealous.

    look forward to following your progress.

  6. Now that's a lot of snow! Looks like you'll need a snowmobile to get in!

  7. Update: The North Cascades Highway is closed for the season. The drive to the Yonderosa will be about 40 miles longer until April or May... The alternate route already has 48"+ of snow at the pass. Great for skiing. Just a few hours north of here the 2010 Winter Olympic folks are very happy to see it. It was reported yesterday that Whistler will be open 2 weeks ahead of schedule and there is already enough snow to ski right into the village.