Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A few more pictures

I do enjoy escaping to the Yonderosa whenever I can, even a short visit is rewarding.

We are exploring the possibility of drilling a well this summer and interviewed a number of drillers while I was there.  In these uncertain times spending a big chunk of $ does cause us to pause.  It is an investment and a positive step, it isn't likely to be less expensive if we wait...

The baseboard is a full 6" of rough sawn Douglas fir.  The wainscot is 5/16"+ random width rough sawn Douglas fir and just under 6' high.  We're undecided on what we will do about the chair/plate rail - it's all part of the fun journey.

I did get a little snow while I was there.  Kirby Creek is running and the first signs of Spring are starting to appear.

One of my favorite views - From the meadow looking north.


  1. Oh, you certainly are a big tease!! The views are just beautiful! Regarding the water, go with someone older who uses twigs - they are the best!and will get you water!...debbie

  2. You do have some beautiful views and scenery. How do you manage to stay away??

  3. Debbie, good advice. I'll take it.

    MG, When I'm not there, I'm thinking about there... I did actually look at some property nearby for a permanent residence. Nice piece but not too practical. We're also considering heading in your direction, Idaho and Montana both appeal to us a lot, our state seems to want to tax us into oblivion. I wouldn't mind selling the place we're in while there is still some equity.

  4. It's always good to hear about your trips. I don't comment often, but really enough reading it.

    About your water, maybe rain water collection is a better possibility for you. Your existing roof, conventional gutters, and a properly sized tank can provide all the water you need, for much less money and much greater relability.

    You'll want a good filting system for your drinking water at least, but that is also true of the well water.

  5. Sure looks good, Mo. We would like to get up to the cabin here, too, but it will be some time before we can make the trip - Tramp 1 is having shoulder surgery tomorrow. But as soon as he is healed, I know we will be headed up. As for water, we have a spring that has never gone dry. It did diminish after some logging but it has come back and will hopefully stay strong. We are looking at getting a Berkey water filter - we have had the spring tested but it has been awhile and it just seems like a good idea.

  6. When talking to well drillers did you get some rates and possible depths for your area?

    When it comes time for us to relocated to Moontree Ranch we as still on the fence about to drill or not...deep wells need deep pockets...600 feet in rock is not cheap.

    Cistern are widely used there too.

  7. The family plans on going over the weekend of the 14th of may. I'm gonna stalk my aunt and uncle if you are over there.

    Your place looks beautiful!

  8. Hi Mo, nice blog, nice place....may be local to my escape place E of the Methow. Check out Ricard Drilling at 509-775-3708 for decent drilling prices, they do free estimates too..
    Jan Oly Penninsula/Chewilikin Valley