Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Dreaming

Time for a long overdue update.

The weather for our May visit was mixed, but mostly good.  A few showers punctuated some gorgeous sunny days and fresh snow topped the nearby peaks.

Not a lot of progress on the outpost, mainly it was a planning/dreaming visit and a bit of official business too.  The Yonderosa affords us a number of options and opportunities.  We are quite content in our little escape though there is the lure of a more permanent residence.  We've always enjoyed contemplating and exploring our options.

There are a couple of sites we'd consider putting a residence/cottage.  The pictures above show what the Morning view would be at one of them.  The design I have in mind for this would orient the Living, Dining and Master bedroom to this view.  The slope would accommodate a 'daylight basement' very well for some inexpensive square footage that a shop / tractor garage / man-world could be incorporated. The view and the access is best here.

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  1. Hopefully one day you'll have your residence/cottage and can keep the Yonderosa for a guest house! The view is beautiful! It will make a beautiful home spot one of these fine days!! ...debbie