Saturday, June 26, 2010

Outpost Pictures

A vast majority of the inquiries I get through this blog are about the Outpost building.  Most recently the requests have been for more pictures.  I've posted these before but they have drifted too far back for some to see.  Here's a collection of my favorites.

Deb was a big help during the construction of the Outpost.  What she lacked in experience she more than made up for it with enthusiasm.  She has also spurred this project into reality and greatly influenced its design specs.

The remote location and time limitations required simplicity and compromise in the design.  It is big enough, but not too big.

In ten days we were able to dig the footing holes, do the concrete pad foundation, frame the building and install the roofing. 

The following Spring we started on the siding.

I was able to salvage some of the soffit materials from my other projects off cuts.  Not only does it look good (in my opinion) it is more critter resistant.

 I build the cabinets from logs salvaged and milled by a local sawyer.  Though small it is very functional.

The style was inspired by my Great Granfather's desk and evolved from there using the local materials I had found.  It is a lot more work than buying stock cabinets but I was able to create custom sizes using solid wood and derive a great deal of satisfaction from it.

I used the same material to make the drawers.  It mills and works beautifully.

To maximize comfort and conserve space I built a Murphy Bed.

My current project is interior trim.  I'm resawing the material I'm getting from the sawyer and installing it rough side out bordered by the same material milled and stained dark.  I make the backband from 1" rips that I rabbet and chamfer to add visual interest to the profile.

Thanks for your interest, support and inspiration.


  1. It was fun seeing the photos from long ago. Nice to see it completed!! Love the trim! ...debbie

  2. Great work. Love the Murphy Bed, and I too, like the trim. Turned out very nice!

  3. Mo, what a great place you have there. I'm jealous.

  4. Wow! You are masterful. Such work, just beautiful; murphy bed - I've always wanted one NEED ONE (send me the "recipe") - the cabinets are stunning too, all of it, everything. Adding you to favorites.

  5. Yall have done so well with your cabin construction. I love it. ~Jen

  6. Mo-

    Pictures do not do Yonderosa any justice.. your place is so beautiful. Thank you for letting us visit. It was great seeing you.


  7. That is magnificent!! Really beautiful, in credible work. Love that Murphy Bed! You have amazing talent!

  8. I like the gable window and shingles. It makes for a nice look. The color looks good, too.