Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rockin and Rolling

This month we plan to make our way to the Yonderosa via the North Cascades Highway - that is if mother nature decides it's OK...

Earlier this week Ma' nature decided to roll a rock down the hill onto the highway.  It was 12' tall and 18' at the widest point.  Photos courtesy of WSDOT.

Now that there is a big rock.


  1. Whoa!! that is one big pebble! lol cool photos ....debbie

  2. Oh, wow. I can imagine being close by when that thing hit. I'd have freaked. Oh and Hi, there. I am a newish subscriber. I do enjoy all the lovely scenery and the 4 legged "children". It's like escaping up there also when you share a Yonderosa trip. Peace.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Ermine. Can't drive by that spot without looking up and hoping that rock didn't have a buddy thinking about joining him.

    We know we're very blessed and hope that by sharing we might give others encouragement to find their own little heaven on earth.

    I'd guess by your profile you enjoy the same simple things we do. Hope you'll stop by again.