Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Ladies

Mule Deer Does


  1. mo - how close to your home are they? stunning creatures!

    i love your pictures, you live in such a beautiful place - your autumn with the mountains is breathtaking - good on you!

  2. Mo - so beautiful! i am very glad when you put up a new post - i love to see your beautiful Yonderosa!

    apparently, we will expect to be seeing many deer on our ten acres as apparently we have been told that this is where they mate. jambaloney has promised to never shoot deer on our land - he will go elsewhere. we plan to set up salt licks next year for the deer so that they can always feel comfortable on our property - once they are off our property - that's another story.

    but just to let you know - the people who hunt around here are very honourable and follow of the provincial rules - we love it here as much as you love it there!

    thanks for always sharing! i will take some pics of the white-tails around here and post them on our blog!

    your friend,

  3. Hey welcome back. Nice Mulie shots!

  4. Jambaloney: These beauties were just over the hill from our place. I suspect the Mule Deer rut is on based on their behaviors. I was hoping to get a picture of a buck or two but didn't manage to spot any though their was plenty of sign of recent activity.