Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What happened to Summer?

In this part of the world summer came late and left early.  October is typically a gorgeous, resplendent with autumn golds and reds, deep blue skies and clear rain washed vistas.  This year it was true again.

My mountain bike saw daily use exploring the local logging roads and trails when I could find them.  The local Critters didn't quite know what to think and would often allow me to get quite close before deciding to skedaddle.  I didn't even need to get off my bike to take this Doe's picture.

Saw LOTS of Deer, almost all Whitetail Does and a couple of fawns.  I discovered a new 'rub line' and another was renewed by the local Bucks.  I reckon in a few weeks they'll be getting all stupid once the rut kicks in.

Fresh Buck rub on an Alder

Kinnikinnick appears to be a main staple for many of the locals, Bears, Grouse, Chipmunks and I even saw it in some Coyote scat...


  1. i used to see lots of deer mountain biking, sometimes i would have to stop and wait for them to move on.. once got within 3 feet of a doe on a single track trail..

    i think a bike looks like a deer to another deer ;-)

  2. loving these pics Mo - thanks for sharing!

    your friend,