Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What happened to Summer part three

Hopefully I can get more pictures upload this time...
 This Rainbow arched the sky while I was taking pictures of the Deer.  The camera didn't pick up its vibrance unfortunately.
 The trails littered with Birch leaves.  The Larch is not quite peak color yet though a large number of needles that found there way between back and my pack whilst I was roaming around the woods.

 The outpost - luxury camping.
Mother nature made it clear that Winter is on its way.  I snapped this picture on the way home.  I don't think the pass will be open much longer...


  1. Wow! Your place is so beautiful. Just like a postcard, all around. Beautiful, peaceful pictures. Love it!

  2. i love that beautiful rainbow...and the Yonderosa!
    thanks Mo!

    your friend,

  3. Fall's beginning to make an entrance here too. The leaves are changing, the air is crisper....Nice to see you back.

  4. It's still "pretty as a picture" there.

  5. ..great looking place..and cool animal shots..must be very peaceful..jsut found your blog and I will be back!

  6. Can I move in with you guys??

  7. Thanks for stopping by everyone. I did get some video a while back of the place and the quiet. Haven't figured out how to post it just yet. I'm probably going to make enemies of my neighbors for letting the secret out.