Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October - part two

The weather was beautiful but cold - about 20 degrees below the normal average for this time of year.  The cabin stayed nice and cozy warm with occasional use of the heater - about an hour every 4-6 hours is all it took, more made it too warm.  It was a good trial run for our winter visits.

Another shot of the window trim.  I'm pleased with the look (thanks to my lovely wife).  I'm very excited to get the wall finish (probably rough sawn Douglas Fir) on.  The plywood is simply backing for the finish wood and will be covered up (a frequently asked question).

My DHW insisted she needed a comfortable place to sit during the day and she bought a couch.  I resisted (of course)  but will admit that it is a pretty nice to relax on...

There will be shelving built above the built in dresser as well as another cabinet between it and the Murphy bed.  To the left of the bed will be another base cabinet and wall cabinet. 


  1. I loved being able to see the inside! Love those built ins you put in! What a talented team you 2 make!

  2. The cabin looks so comfortable. Love all the wood.

  3. Thank for stopping by my little nature blog. It brought me here. What a beautiful place you have at Yonderosa. I love the mountains to hike, bird and flyfish. Your living my dream. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks awesome! Do you rent it? Just kidding