Monday, October 12, 2009

October visit and progress

Just back from the Yonderosa.  BEAUTIFUL fall weather, got some stuff done, saw some critters...

I was eating breakfast looking out at the meadow when this dude strolled by... I took this picture from inside the cabin window.  Tried to get one from the porch but he skedaddled before I could get out there.  I've only seen a few Bobcats prior to this visit - this one was bigger than the others, easily as big as our Labradors.

The view window trimmed out  - this is the window I took the picture of the Bobcat through.

The wall cabinet I brought over installed.

More later!


  1. Neat picture of a bobcat. I know we have them here, but I've never seen one. Very cool!

  2. whoa! he looks pretty big! but so pretty! What a great thing to see and photograph!! Cabinets look wonderful! and the trim looks so nice. Like your view out the window - so pretty!!...debbie

  3. Wonderful opportunity to see the Bobcat. Way to go! The cabinets are fabulous. I'm impressed! You and my husband would get along great. He's also a builder/carpenter (retired). He built all new oak cabinets for the kitchen in this house when we bought it. It was built in 1975, so needed a lot of updating.

  4. Thanks for the feedback on the cabinets. Very excited to get them all done. Progress is limited by what I can haul over. Plenty left to do but what is there sure makes it more comfortable.

    The Bobcat was very cool to see. He wasn't in any big hurry and was only about 30' away. He's been eating turkeys and leaving me with a lot of fly tying feathers around the cabin. He might be why we didn't see any deer the weekend either.

  5. How exciting to get the picture of the bobcat. Wow!