Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cabinets and such

Most of the inquiries I get are about the interior of the cabin. I haven't posted much because it is still a work in progress and the finish line is a ways off yet. I do have a few photos of some of the elements that I will share that I hope will keep your interest piqued.

Drawer fronts
We did a number of experiments before finding a style that we both agreed on. Rather than slabs I glued up the rippings and off cuts of the cabinet stock and framed it with a simple beveled backband. The goal was a rustic appearance - defects with mismatched contrast, not overly refined with a robust feel.

Here is another shot of the Cabelas' (love that place) hardware. They didn't have enough of a single style so we have a mix of Bear, Wolf and Deer tracks.

This is a shot of the unfinished interior window trim. Simple but labor intensive - milling, sizing and shaping. Eleven pieces for each window from raw quarter sawn Whidbey Island Douglas Fir 1x stock I purchased from the local sawyer. You'll have to pardon the alignment as it is only gravity holding it in position for the picture.

We were both inspired by this picture in Rachel Carley's book Cabin Fever and our window trim and door casing will be stained similar to this. Deb was adamant about NOT having any drywall and an all wood structure can be visually overwhelming. Our wall finish will be rough sawn fir vertical to a wainscot on the west wall and floor to vault on the south wall. The rest of the walls will be mainly covered by the cabinets, Murphy bed and other trims. The ceiling will be T&G pine though the orientation has yet to be agreed upon - translated means I'll do what she wants me to do once we get there, in the mean time I have to pretend I still have a say... LOL :^)

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I'll have some flooring to show you by the end of the month.


  1. It all looks just great! and your wife has a wonderful name! :) I love wood all around! Our mountain home has wood on one wall in each room going at a diagonal or across or both as in the living room. Gives it a nice warm cabin feeling. Like your handles! You can get switch plates too! Pine ages so beautifully. Looking forward to more!...debbie

  2. Looking good, indeed! Thanks so much for the update!

  3. Love choices! Nothing better than wood in a home!

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