Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keeping the Boss Happy

Building in a remote location has many challenges. Clearly defined priorities and a logistical way to make it happen keep things on track... This "goes out the window" when trumped by the dreaded "Honey Do List" (HDL). Even though it is a "recreational" property I have discovered I am still within the jurisdiction of the HDL. Despite my protests the HDL is the priority no matter what I think... Even after nearly 30 years together I didn't see that one coming... Dooh!

What is on the HDL? You know she's serious when she hands you a manila envelope that says "TOP PRIORITY" and there is a tape that self-destructs after I listen to it. Then it is up to me to figure out how can I get done in this amount of time? What will I need? Where will I get it? How do I get it there? How much can a take with me on this trip? This might be an angle to get a new (bigger) truck ... Hmmm.

I had hoped to have the exterior completely finished by now but it doesn't appear I'll have the opportunity to make much more of a dent on our next trip either. Probably get the Horizontal siding done to the top band, but shingling the gable ends is out. The post wraps and soffit trim? Nope. Finish the rail and build the stairs? Sorry...

It's a "good problem" and I will comply willingly with one stipulation -Caveman code clearly states I have to come up with some way to go fishing and leave at least one item on the honey-do list un-done. Any ideas? ;^)

Life is good!


  1. sounded good. My theory is to enjoy the place. Make it critter proof and then next spring and summer do some more. You've got your whole life ahead of you - just enjoy the place. We need new fencing and were going to replace it this summer. It is still standing. Hopefully it will make it thru the winter & hopefully we'll get er' done next

  2. I wonder if I can include 'Honey Do List' as a stipulation in a pre-nup.....LOL. Good luck dude.

  3. I guess you should be "honored" that she believes you capable of doing so many things! Yea, that's the way to look at this!!
    Hope you get in some fishing. There's more to life than work!

  4. Just tell her that fishing is a mental health promote good mental health!