Thursday, September 17, 2009

More September Pictures

This blog's main focus is the destination, but the journey is pretty nice too...

The view just east of Washington Pass. This is the gateway to my little piece of Heaven on Earth.
One of many breathtaking peaks along the way.

This time of year the Elk Bulls gather up their harems. I stopped to get a few pictures of this band. I gave a few calls hoping to get him to come closer but all he did was stand up and bugle and chuckle back - he could see I was no threat to his girls and had none of my own that he could steal. A bit further down the road there was an even bigger herd bull with a harem of about the same size. He was a lot more agitated so we didn't stick around and let him go about his business. Just another part of why September is my favorite time of year.

Last month there was a 10,000 acre fire that burned right up to and across the Highway. The firefighters did a good job saving structures, orchards and livestock. There were a number of spots east of Loup Loup that the fire was very evident and spectacular. Would have liked to had more time to stop for pictures.


  1. Hubby and I have been through this area---its' gorgeous!
    Pictures truly never capture how awesome it is, but yours do a great job. Loved them.
    And the elk are impressive too!

  2. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I was born in Seattle, and have brothers in several cities clustered around the Cascades. God's country. You are fortunate indeed.

  3. Wow ..Brilliant of the few regions I need to visit and see for myself. As the above post says, God's Country, indeed. So different from the Devil's playground that I dwell in.

  4. Beautiful photos! Nice to see that part of the country for me! We have mountains but not THAT large and ours are all covered with trees, no fantastic clifts and sheers. wow! beautiful country you own a part of!...debbie