Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Next on the agenda is flooring. The flooring I had planned to use has turned out to be a lot more expensive than I expected. We have been debating vinyl - practical, inexpensive... - but heart really isn't into it. So... I'm looking to source some hardwood. I found a good deal on some Hickory but they only have about half of what I need. I'm also considering the laminated floors...

Hopefully I can get this done before the end of the month. I want to get another load or three of cabinets, wall finish and trim delivered and installed before the weather turns. Good problem.


  1. The laminate floors are so nice. Especially out in the woods where the dogs will be bringing in muddy paws. Friends of ours just put in laminate in their entire lake house and it's really nice. Now she doesn't have to worry about drippy bathing suits or spilled drinks or food! They used a bamboo in all rooms except in the master where they used Hickory. Good luck on your decision...debbie

  2. Thanks for the insights Debbie. It is one of the options we are considering. Spent most of yesterday going to floor companies to see what was instock hoping I could make a quick trip over this weekend... I'm taking the wife this next time hoping her "superpowers" will turn something up.