Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just back from our most recent visit. The weather was AMAZING - more Indian Summer than Fall. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped - hurt my back on the third day, major bummer.

I did get the screen door installed. Its the roll up type, bought it at Home Depot ( ) and so far it has been Labrador and bug proof. Easy to install and looks good too.

One of the chores that has been neglected has been the underlayment for flooring, so I put that in before I get too many cabinets to work around. Next trip I plan to do the flooring.

We also hauled over and installed the Murphy Bed, I like that a lot too. I built it using the Create-a-bed hardware and it works as advertised. The directions are good and the construction very simple. Might try to jazz it up more if I had it to do over - the rush to get it over there before the weather changes limited the time I had to do it and of course, it was a top priority on the HDL. ;^)

Cabelas had some outdoorsy cabinet hardware. This one has wolf tracks but the picture doesn't do it justice.

Had to replace a post that had warped on the front porch. It went smoothly despite having to pull up some decking and framing hardware. I've found that any lumber that isn't dry enough or firmly anchored in multiple directions will twist-warp-distort into some pretty amazing shapes in relatively short spans. Fasten it securely or bundle it tight or end up with a bunch of wood better suited to build Viking ships.

I'll post more about this trip later. Can't wait to get back!


  1. Your handy work looks fantastic!!!! ~Jen

  2. Thanks Jen. My wife uses the Red Green quote, "If women don't find you hansom, they should at least find you handy." to keep me in line and build the stuff she wants. Mighty effective. :^)

  3. The bed is wonderful!! Bet your wife is thrilled that it's in!! Am sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully it's well by now. I've been at the beach so I'm a little behind in reading your posts....debbie