Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Trip - floor down & window trim

My Disproportionately Hot Wife (DHW) sourced some Red Oak inexpensively and tasked me with installing it. Got er' dun!

I also installed the window trim. After a number of mock-ups (four) and stain tests (eight) we have a winner! My DHW gets the credit for style and color. I just build it. I think she has splendid taste.

We are very excited to get the wall finish on - it will be rough sawn fir but I'm still about 100 board feet short. It would be great to get it in this fall - the weather will be the deciding factor though. We've just had the first snow of the season down to 5,000 feet.

Took this picture today on the way home.


  1. The floor looks Great!! and I love, love, the wide window trim. I agree with you, DHW has good taste. AND... YOU do great work! It's coming right along. Those mountains are really Rockie looking. The elevation must be really high as I see no trees and only several wind shorn pines....debbie

  2. Fabulous floor - great choice! And love your view!!

  3. Love the flooring! Your wife has great taste.

  4. Outstanding homestead, my friend!